XOXOAD was thrilled to get the chance to pick New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin’s brain about her first ever stand alone hardcover, Far Gone! She also gave us a little insight about her popular “Tracers” series of romantic suspense novels. The Tracers are a group of forensic experts who work for the Delphi Center, a private lab in Texas that handles the coldest of cold cases. Each Tracer expert has a different specialty, allowing Laura to explore a wide range of forensic detail in her books. Read below to get all the deets!

But first, let’s ooh and ahh over this gorgeous cover, shall we?

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Readers know you from your Tracers series. How is FAR GONE different from your previous books?

FAR GONE is a stand-alone story introducing two new characters, Andrea Finch and Jon North. Andrea is an Austin homicide detective who is on leave from her job when she gets an SOS call from her brother in West Texas. Jon is an FBI agent out there investigating a murder case, and he believes Andrea’s brother may be involved.

Readers of the Tracers series will recognize a few story elements—the Texas setting, and also some familiar faces from the Delphi Center crime lab. I love to write about forensics, so I couldn’t resist adding some of that to the story.

What makes an ideal romance hero for you?

Well, Jon North pretty much nails it. He is tough, persistent, and knows what he wants. He is dedicated to his job, but isn’t afraid to go out on a limb because he has a strong sense of himself. Jon is immediately drawn to Andrea precisely because she doesn’t seem to need him or anybody. He sees past her hard exterior and wants to uncover the softer side to her that she doesn’t like to share.

Publishers Weekly described FAR GONE as a “perfectly gritty romantic thriller.” Would you say this book is more a romance or a thriller?

To me it’s hard to disentangle the two…both elements are key to the story. The suspense plot gives the relationship higher stakes, and the romance plays a role in unraveling the case.

What do you read for fun?

Anything that strikes my fancy! My shelves are crammed with thrillers, chick lit, historical romance novels, books I’ve read with my book club. I also love to read non-fiction books–forensic anthropology, ballistics, crime scene investigation, criminal profiling.

With TV shows like JUSTIFIED, TRUE DETECTIVE and more currently gaining rave reviews, it seems like TV is having a real suspense moment right now. Are there any series or movies that you’re particularly excited about?

There are so many—TRUE DETECTIVE, THE GOOD WIFE. I’m late to HOMELAND and just finished watching season two. As for movies, this year I’m looking forward to several movies based on books—UNBROKEN, GONE GIRL, WILD. It seems like Hollywood lifted my book club’s reading list and decided to put it all on the big screen.

After FAR GONE, will you be doing more Tracers books?

Absolutely! Right now I’m writing a new Tracers book about Navy SEAL Derek Vaughn and FBI Agent Elizabeth LeBlanc, who met in the book SCORCHED. I also have plans to write another stand-alone book, but I’m still in the early stages and I don’t have a title yet.

Anything else you’d like readers to know?

I love to talk to readers! Feel free to drop me a line at laura@lauragriffin.com. And if you’d like some bookmarks for yourself or your book group, let me know a mailing address and I’ll be happy to send you some.