Food masters Harley Morenstein and Josh Elkin are making sure no strip of bacon goes under appreciated. The hosts of Epicmealtime are back — this time with an “Ode to Bacon.” With more than 250 videos and over 6 million YouTube subscribers, Epicmealtime is the number one online cooking show. And that’s simply because they make your wildest food dreams come true, and then eat them! After debuting in 2010 with their first meal, “The Worst Pizza Ever,” Harley Morenstein and Josh Elkin went on to create cult classics such as the Turbaconepic and the fast food lasagna. Be sure to check out how they’ve taken on the culinary game by storm and changed all of the rules in their new book EPIC MEAL TIME.


You enter the room and your senses are heightened
The smell hits your nose and your eyes become brightened
You touch and you rub it
You taste and you love it
It’s bacon, it’s beauty, it’s lust, and it’s something

To have and to hold, it makes me a sinner
The comfort it gives, from breakfast to dinner
From start to the finish
In my heart I’m submissive
It’s bacon, it’s beauty, it’s lust on a mission

Succumb to temptation, a weakness so true
Indulgence of bacon takes one strip or two
A glutton for grease
Makes us weak in the knees
It’s bacon, it’s beauty, it’s a lust fantasy

Art of the flesh, a canvas so special
Bacon on stage, needs no practice rehearsal
The star of the show
From plate to the bowl
It’s bacon, it’s beauty, it’s the lust that we know

For sweets it is righteous, a flavor so deep
The texture in cake or in some ice cream
Can be smokey or sweet
Ate alone or with meat
It’s bacon, it’s beauty, it’s the lust that we need

The paint to our brush makes a canvas so epic
The art we create a meal time epidemic
It’s the taste that’s submissive
The sweet smell that’s addictive
It’s bacon, it’s beauty we lust and we live it



Look, even popcorn can’t bear to be separated from bacon: