Pocket Star Editorial Director and mega-Jon Snow fan Lauren McKenna graciously offered (i.e., sat in our offices and refused to leave until we agreed) to recap the Game of Thrones premiere from us–and we were not disappointed! Enjoy…

The Season 4 premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’ aired on April 6 – Finally!  I don’t know about you but I have been waiting forever for this show to begin again. 

I wish I could say the first episode of Season 4 was everything I hoped and dreamed of – but it was not.   While there was nothing bad about the show it lacked the certain magic I always expect from Westeros.  During the April 6 premiere, we caught up with Sansa, Tyrion, and the Lannisters at King’s Landing, Jon Snow at the Wall, Arya and The Hound wandering through the countryside, and finally, Daenerys, with her toddler dragons amassing an army.

What I liked:

Sansa – I’ve always struggled with this character (she is way too weak for my tastes) but at least now I can see why she wants to starve herself – her whole family is dead.   I eagerly await (a.) her death or (b.) for her to get a spine and fall in love with Tyrion.  Now that could be worth living for!

Lady Margaery and Grandmother Tyrell – I just love these two!  They are so crafty, sly, funny, and entitled (I too would need the best necklace in Kings Landing to marry Joffery) – what’s not to like?!    They make the best out of every situation and do it with a smile, I eagerly await their future plotting.

Prince Oberyn – love, love, love adding this new vengeful badass to the mix.  I knew I was going to like him when the only place he could be found was in a brothel. All I can say is we needed him!  Especially with Tyrion so lame this season.

Arya – She’s turning into a vengeful little warrior and I have not one problem with this.  If my whole family was slaughtered, one by one, I too would sharpen my killing skills and get on with the bloodshed.  Go Arya!  Can’t wait to see who she skewers next.

Maester Aemon Targaryen – always liked this old wise blind guy and its nice to see he’s still awesome (his speech in season 1 about his brother’s death and instead of enacting revenge all he could do was be a Brother of the Night’s Watch and defend the wall was …epic!  I wanted to put the hottest-of-the-hot, Jon Snow, on my ‘like’ list but since he only had one semi-cool speech this episode, I had to go for the insightful Maester who really saves his the day and his life.


What I didn’t like:

Tyrion – Who doesn’t love Tyrion?  But this new passive sniveling Tyrion is a pale version of the witty hero of seasons past.  He is a glorified errand boy now and while I know this is a dark season for him, I really hope he shapes up  – this behavior is so not worthy.   The old Tyrion would have made Sansa eat (or at least tricked her into it), shagged Shae, and then traded witty repartee with Oberyn Martell while getting the two of them completely hammered.  None of which occurred.

Daenerys – Amassing an army – Boring.   Her dragon almost biting her – not so boring but they didn’t actually do it so – still boring.  Walking around amidst her army, talking to Jorah and Daario (he’s hot but doesn’t really do anything) – boring.  Lets hope things pick up when they attack the next town.

Jamie – It may be too strong to say I ‘didn’t like’ him this episode (he’s still super-hot, sarcastic, and clever) but he feels a little sad-sack to me and burns a little less bright than last season.  Maybe it was Cersei’s rejection that made Jamie bittersweet for me last night.  How wrong is it that all last season I was really was pulling for him to get back to her, he really does love her!  His best scene was with Brienne; we can only hope they team up again soon.


I have high hopes for this season so I’m not going to throw in the towel just yet.  Who am I kidding, I’d watch it no matter what happens, the show is that good.  But I really hope they give us more scenes with our favorite characters that really take you on the rollercoaster ride of emotions and keep you coming back for more.

 valar morghulis

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