There’s a lot of my young adulthood in Attack the Geek. I practically lived in a game store in high school and college, and my primary descriptor during those years was Gamer Geek (my stats: Gamer 5, Geek 4—the other levels of Geek came later).


I wanted to bring that gaming culture element into the foreground with Attack the Geek, taking the setting of Grognard’s Grog and Games that had been a part of Geekomancy and Celebromancy and making it the focus of a whole story. We’d seen Ree & Co. fight using geekomantic powers and say geeky things, but we hadn’t spent as much time seeing them be geeks, just being themselves as a community, with overlapping friendships, rivalries, and passions.


Now, since this is a Ree Reyes book, it doesn’t take long before something goes BOOM!, but the backbone of Attack the Geek is a community of geeks and their shared (sometimes conflicting) passions, drawing directly from my many hours at game stores learning new games, competing in tournaments, and playing pen-and-paper RPGs all night with friends.


Geek on!