Today XOXOAD is happy to offer this taste of FIXED ON YOU by indie sensation Laurelin Paige, whose FIXED trilogy is the #2 New York Times bestseller on both the E-book and Combined Print & E-book lists! If you haven’t yet discovered these books, now’s your chance! The trilogy is on sale for only 99 CENTS–madness!

Alayna and Hudson are a passionate, angsty couple in the vein of Sylvia Day and of course, E.L. James. She’s a bartender at a posh club, and he’s the new owner. Alayna dreams of managing, rather than serving drinks–she’s got great ideas, if she can just get someone to listen to her. But Alayna’s hiding some unusual baggage that makes this series different from what you might expect. We won’t say any more…you’ll just have to read it to find out!



Hudson leaned back against the couch, draping his arm across the top. “But I didn’t
invite you here to discuss the club.”

Finally. I swallowed. “Why did you invite me?”

A hint of amusement crossed Hudson’s face. “Perhaps I like you.”

I shuddered as a thrill traveled up my spine. But I didn’t trust that he was merely
trying to pick me up. He was taking too long to make his play, and that would never be
Hudson’s style. There was more.

God, I hoped there was more. If he was just trying to pick me up, what the hell was I
going to say?

I took a sip of my iced tea, wishing it were something stronger. When I lowered my
glass, I said, “Perhaps I’m seeing someone.”

“You aren’t. No man would let his woman wear the outfit you wore yesterday. Not in
public, anyway.”

The mention of the outfit I’d nicknamed trouble and the idea that any man
would let me do anything ruffled my feathers. “Perhaps I’m not into controlling

His mouth twitched slightly. “Very well, Alayna.” He cocked a brow. “Are you seeing

Of course I wasn’t seeing anyone, damn it. I looked at my lap, my expression telling
Hudson all he needed to know. Why did this man make me so flustered? I was a confident,
wellspoken woman on a normal day. But not around him.

I sat straighter, attempting to find some semblance of sure footing. “That isn’t why
you invited me, Hudson. You have an agenda.”

“An agenda.” Hudson made a sound that I think must have been his version of a
chuckle. “Yes, Alayna, I have an agenda.”