In Petals On the Wind, the kids from Flowers in the Attic are all grown up but not exactly over the whole trapped-in-an-attic thing they went through. Cathy is understandably pissed at their mother for poisoning and abandoning them to the whims of a cruel and demented grandmother. Now, it’s time for a bit of revenge. Now, it’s time to show mother and grandmother exactly what family love really means.

But, everything’s not all clear-cut and gung-ho. Turns out it’s hard for Chris and Cathy to ignore the tryst of sibling romance they had while locked in the attic. Their feelings for each other are still strong and are getting in the way of the normal life Cathy is trying so hard to cultivate. She’ll try and subvert her longings through other men and the insatiable desire to destroy her mother. But in classic V.C Andrews style, none of it will be easy, and things will get very dark and very twisted.

Following the riveting 2014 TV-movie of Flowers in the Attic, a Lifetime TV film adaptation of Petals On the Wind is in in the works, set to air this May.

Revenge, incest, and some seriously twisted kids – coming to your home soon.