It’s that time again to embark on another verbal adventure with Alice Clayton and Christina and Lauren (aka Christina Lauren). Alice writes the sexy and hilarious Wallbanger cocktail series and the Redhead series. Christina and Lauren write the smutty and hysterical Beautiful Bastard and Wild Seasons series.

With a CV like that, you know they aren’t calling their podcast Blushes for nothin’.

Check out their three most recent episodes below!

Episode 3: “Sha-Doosh” [Note: Podbean is having some technical difficulties at the moment (3/31); please check back later to listen to the latest Blushes!]
In this episode the ladies recap their latest adventures, tell you about their favorite books to reread, and explain how to get kicked out of Walt Disney World. In theory.

Episode 2: “Frog Eye This”
In this Thanksgiving episode the ladies discuss first kisses, book tours, domination, and the priesthood. As you do…

Episode 1: “The Phantom Penace”
In this episode, they try to deny “Penace” is being pronounced like “Penis.” Sorta.