Historical romance author Meredith Duran’s FOOL ME TWICE has it all: picturesque English setting, fiery female lead, spiteful-but-super-hot hero, dangerous intrigue, and searingly sexy love scenes. And this sizzling novel, the latest in Meredith’s Rules for the Reckless series, can be yours. For $1.99.

Yes. YES. Until the book officially goes on-sale this Tuesday, March 25th, the eBook edition is available for pre-order for the insanely low price of $1.99! What are you waiting for? Get to gettin’!

And, as if that news wasn’t exciting enough, Meredith has also penned an adorable quiz entitled “What Kind of Romance Novel Heroine are You?” Ever wondered whether you were the girl flung on the bed crying over her lost lover, or the damsel in distress saved by an angel-faced man on horseback? Now you can find out! Below is a sample question; follow the link at the bottom of the post to take the quiz in full!

Q: A handsome but notorious rake propositions you to step behind the shrubbery with him. Your instant reaction is to… 

A. Give him the benefit of the doubt- perhaps he means to take you on a walk around the garden.

B. Consider accepting his proposal. Heaven known that being a good girl isn’t working for you.

C. Pretend you didn’t hear or understand him. You have no interest in flirtations from empty-heade fools.

D. Calmly remind him that men have died for disrespecting women in such a manner.

E. Ignore your momentary flush of startled gratification, and scowl severely.

F. Smile and tap his wrist with your fan. A saucy flirtation never hurt anyone.

G. Stiffen, gasp, and deliver him a set-down he’ll never forget.

H. Roll your eyes at him and walk on. Some men have no style–and *he* probably has syphilis.

Take the full quiz here: http://snack.to/qtp3ejmh