D.L. McDermott, author of Cold Iron and the upcoming Silver Skin, talks inspiration, pre-writing research, and what she loves about paranormal romance! Check out her thoughts below and become a D.L. fan today! (Silver Skin comes out April 14th)

1. How did you come up with the idea for Cold Iron?

Back when I first moved to Boston we were house hunting in Southie. I called six brokers and left my husband’s last name. No one called us back. Someone I worked with at the time advised me to try again and use my last name, which was Irish. I did, and I got six calls back the same day. Walking around South Boston you can feel what a close knit community it is and how deep Irish roots run. Movies have been romanticizing organized crime in Southie for decades, and the idea of the Fae as a shadowy presence behind those gangs felt mythic and somehow inevitable.


2. How do you get ideas for your plots?

The heroines in COLD IRON and SILVER SKIN both work in a museum. There’s always been a brisk trade in black market antiquities, and more than a few scandals over the years involving venerable institutions and respected scholars. Art smuggling itself is pretty sexy—and even better with the addition of magic and hot Fae sorcerers!


3. Did you have to do a lot of research on Celtic artifacts before you began writing?

I like to find visual references for the fictional objects I’m creating so I can describe them and make them real for my characters and readers, so Conn’s sword is based on real life models, and the jewelry in the horde Beth discovers, and the “solstice gate” that Helene finds.


4. What’s your favorite part about paranormal romance?

One of the things I love about urban fantasy and paranormal romance is seeing relatable heroines discover extraordinary worlds. I worked in the arts in the Boston area for many years so a lot of the settings are based on places I’m familiar with, and my heroines’ careers are modeled on those of my friends, so there’s a lot of “what if” that I really enjoy.


5. What’s one thing readers should look out for in the sequel, SILVER SKIN?

Keep an eye on Elada, Miach’s right hand, because his love story is up next in STONE SONG. And don’t expect the Prince Consort to stay out of the picture for long…