Okay, maybe it isn’t always so magical. Sometimes it’s weird, and awkward, and nerve racking, and sloppy, and spark-less. But other times, it’s perfect.

Tatia Pilieva asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time. At first, it’s insanely squirmy. Then, they start inching closer and closer, albeit still pretty awkwardly and with nervous giggles abound. Surprisingly, they end up with beautiful, sweet, and passionate embraces. Sigh…

ADDENDUM: After initially writing this post, we thought that this was just a really adorable video. Turns out it’s an ad for a clothing company! We feel slightly duped, because we didn’t want to spam you with an advertisement. Viral videos win again! These people were hired to play a part in it, but they really are all strangers kissing for the first time, so the “awwww” factor still stands, and you still deserve to feel all warm and fuzzy about it. Although, this explains why everyone in it is really beautiful.

Check it out for yourself: