Nicole Camden, author of “The Nekkid Truth” in Big Guns Out of Uniform has returned to erotica after a decade of teaching, dog-rescuing, and other mayhem. She lives in Houston with her husband and two dogs.

Read on to hear about her inspiration for “The Nekkid Truth” (and to enter our sweepstakes!).


So here we are, a decade or so later, and oh-my-goodness THE NEKKID TRUTH is all by itself in the world. It even has a new (pause to fan myself) cover that is shockingly sexy. I’m so excited that Pocket is releasing it by itself as a  precursor to my new set of serials, THE FETISH QUEEN.

When I wrote THE NEKKID TRUTH, I was broke, living in New York, and torn between staying in the city I loved and going back home to be closer to my family. I tried to channel all that angst into the difficulties the main character, Debbie Valley, experiences as she deals with the unique challenge of prosopagnosia or “face blindness.”

I was watching a special on prosopagnosia when the idea for the story came to me. I thought to myself…hmmm…what if there was a woman out there who couldn’t recognize faces, so she identifies the men in her life by …ahem…another body part. And there you have it, throw in some carnies, the beach, a murder, and a sexy cop and you have a smorgasbord, of strange, erotic fun.

For me, this story was magic–the first story I ever published and still my favorite. I hope you enjoy it!

Nikki C


Tell us! In a dark room, what body part could you use to recognize your man (or dream man)? And let’s try to keep this semi-clean ladies…

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