We’re thrilled to heat things up at XOXOAD today with Shoshanna Evers, who discusses her dystopian erotic romance series, The Pulse Trilogy, and offers a sneak peek at Book 3, The Thrust.

ShoshannaHeadshot2014When I first started writing my post-apocalyptic dystopian erotic romance, The Pulse Trilogy, I knew I had several stories to tell. Each book in the series focuses on a different couple finding love. And each book in the series features the same characters, since they are all interconnected. There is an overarching story as well, one that starts with tyranny and leads to liberty.

I find, as a reader myself, that sometimes when I look at a series one book’s blurb pulls at me more than the others. Some series you really can’t read out of order. If you did, you’d be lost. But others really can stand alone. Of course, the reader would probably get more out of them if they read them in order, but in the case of The Pulse Trilogy, I purposely made it so each book could be read on its own and still be understood and enjoyed.

To do that, I had to make sure that any important information from the previous books is recapped briefly within each book. In some cases, such as where I cut to a scene of Emily and Mason from The Pulse, Book 1, to show what they’re up to, I make sure that their continuing journey is one that is also a complete story (and interconnected with the new story) to help it all make come together for the reader.

In this excerpt from The Thrust, Book 3, you’ll see that our heroine, Clarissa, who is featured briefly in The Pulse and has a strong supporting role in The Escape, Book 2, mentions her recent conversation with Jenna, the heroine from that novel. Jenna and Barker, our couple from The Escape, play a big role (along with Emily and Mason) in The Thrust.

The Thrust is where it all comes together. Where all the storylines tie up, where the battle is waged, and where someone has to win, and someone has to lose.

I hope you enjoy this blurb and excerpt. If you haven’t read the first two books in The Pulse Trilogy, I hope you do. But if you want to start with The Thrust, go right ahead. You just might like it that way.  😉

The Thrust, Book 3 in the Pulse Trilogy, releases March 17th, 2014,
and is available for pre-order now at the retailer links below!

Excerpt from The Thrust, Book 3 in The Pulse Trilogy by Shoshanna Evers

©2014 Shoshanna Evers

 Pulse_Bk3_Thrust (2)

Trent glanced at Clarissa, and she offered him what she hoped was an encouraging smile.

Without Trent to help them convince the people of Letliv to join them in their fight to liberate the camp at Grand Central, they’d be lost.

Trent nodded to the group. “And I’ll work with Clarissa, Jenna, and Barker to make a map of the grounds. We won’t be going in blind.”

The meeting adjourned, and Clarissa followed Trent back up to his house.

“Thank you,” she said, when they got into his living room.

“For what?”

“For everything.”

They were alone again. Barker and Jenna had gone fishing with one of the crews, determined to put in their fair share of work in the town.

Trent still looked pumped from the meeting, as if his adrenaline and excitement had stayed with him even after the last person had filed out of the church.

“You don’t need to thank me,” he said. “I’m doing this for Annie, too. I want my sister safe. And you . . . you knew her. You helped her. That earns you a place in my house, any day of the week.”

“Jenna seemed to think you might have other motives,” Clarissa said quietly. “For asking me to stay with you, I mean.”

Trent paused, looking down at her from his significant height advantage. “I told you I wouldn’t hurt you.”

“I know that,” she whispered. She did. He was good, she trusted her gut on that. “But I don’t think she . . . Jenna doesn’t think you’ll hurt me. Against my will, I mean.”

The air was thick with shimmering desire between them, and for once, Clarissa didn’t attempt to tamp it down.

She hadn’t felt desire, true need, in a long time. Sex on the Tracks was currency, and it hadn’t been fun. Not for her, anyway. Sex with Roy had basically been an experiment with mediocre results. When the time had come for her to actually let Roy inside her, her body had tensed, as if her body remembered what her mind wouldn’t let her forget.

But around Trent, she felt . . . open. Like herself.

Jenna’s words flitted through her mind. Why deny yourself pleasure?

“I admit,” Trent said, his voice low, “you’re a . . . a very beautiful woman. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to you.”

He stepped in closer, so close they were almost touching.

“But,” he said, “I haven’t been with anyone since my wife died. We were together for ten years.”

Clarissa nodded, feeling suddenly ashamed. He was rejecting her advances, after she’d spent the night imagining that if the bedroom door weren’t locked he’d be all over her.

She felt like a fool.

“I still love my wife,” he whispered. “I always will. Even though she’s gone, I’m not sure how I could . . . sleep with anyone else. With you.”

“No, forget I said anything,” Clarissa said, turning away so he wouldn’t see the shame on her face. What had she been thinking?

Trent reached out and took hold of her arm, gently pulling her back to him. His grasp was strong, but she wasn’t afraid.

“Just forget it,” she said, the heat of his hand still encircling her flesh.

“I don’t want to forget it,” he said. “We both want . . . I do want you. And I think you feel the same the way. We just don’t know what to do with ourselves.” He laughed softly.

“I feel different around you, Trent,” she admitted. “And you’re right, I have absolutely no idea where to go from here.”

Suddenly, his mouth was on hers, her body pressed against his. Her passion spiked, and she opened her lips to let him in.

“What the hell are we getting ourselves into?” he murmured against her lips.

“Let’s not think about it.” She tentatively wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in closer. He was so tall. Normally a man of his size would have intimidated her, scared her. But instead she felt protected by him.

His length hardened against her belly, reminding her of his desire, and of his potential power over her. And yet, she wasn’t afraid. For the first time in a long time, the idea of having sex didn’t fill her with dread or emptiness.

“I want you,” she whispered.

“I feel like I’m cheating on her,” he said. “I know I’m not. That she’s gone, forever. That we might not be on this earth for much longer ourselves.”

“We shouldn’t do anything you’ll regret,” she said. But she said it with her body still pressed against his. She didn’t want to regret anything either, but somehow, this felt more right than anything had since the Pulse.

He groaned, kissing her again. “Let’s not think about it, like you said.”

Trent’s hands cupped her ass through her pants, pulling her even closer to him. His hardness pushed against her abdomen, and he lifted her in his arms easily, until she straddled his waist.

“Can I take you into the bedroom?”

Was she really about to do this?