XOXOAD is pleased to welcome Lynne Gentry, author of HEALER OF CARTHAGE, the first in her series of inspirational historical novels, The Carthage Chronicles. Lynne was kind enough to give us some helpful tips to negotiate the dating scene, should we find ourselves cast back to 3rd-century Carthage! And be sure to check out the book units at the bottom of this post to see some of the historical and inspirational novels Lynne recommends (when you’re done with hers, of course!).

Time travel is possible.

I know this, because the “selfie” photo I just took makes me look far older than the image I saw when I gazed into the mirror this morning. Either my cell phone camera is lying, or I have just time traveled. Since the camera never lies, I count my “selfie” portrait as solid proof.

Now that you know time travel is possible, do you have an era you’d like to visit? An apocalyptic future? The lawless days of the Wild West? The glitz and glamor of the Roaring 20s? Maybe the medieval bodice-ripping days?

For my new book series, The Carthage Chronicles, I chose to drop a twenty-first-century heroine into a third-century plague to see what kind of interesting things would happen. Back in the day when Rome ruled the world, togas were a bit revealing, and sometimes a girl had to suffer some torturous things for love.

While writing Healer of Carthage, the first book in my series, I discovered a few third-century rules of love that I’ll share with you, should you choose to time-travel to Roman-controlled Carthage:

  • Never, under any circumstances, should a woman fight the handsome noble trying to rescue her from the slave block.
  • To fit in and draw as little attention as possible, the now rescued woman should lose the hiking boots and tank top and undergo hours of painful and humiliating beauty treatments in said hero’s lavish villa.
  • And most importantly, said beauty must agree to marry her good-looking captor if she’s to have any hope of saving the human race. It’s a sacrifice, but that’s what heroines do.

Not much different than a present-day romance, unless you consider all of this heroic cavorting about must be done while wearing two-inch wooden heels and yards of slippery silk slung over your shoulder.

If temporal relocation is for you, despite all the necessary sacrifices, leave a comment telling me what era you’d like to visit, and you’ll be entered for the chance to be transported into the world of gladiators and silk stolas . . . via a free book. I’ll also toss in this beautiful ten-inch, Roman-looking perfume decanter to remind you of how very lucky you are to live and love in the era of hair dryers and dating websites. [For complete sweepstakes rules, click here.]

 perfume decanter


Lynne Gentry was a finalist in Westbow’s 2010 fiction contest. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), and three of her novels have been selected as finalists for the ACFW Genesis contest. Lynne is a pastor’s wife and the mother of two grown children.