I missed recapping the last ep before the break, and shame on me! Because it was a doozy. Here’s the five-second Nashville for that one: Scarlett’s popping pills, Tandy told Rayna that their dad killed their mom, and Lamar DIED. More to the point, he had a heart attack in Teddy’s office, and Teddy stood there and WATCHED him die. This show is getting as crazy as Scandal.

So here we are now, and our songbird friends are working on four different tracks this week. Let’s get the dullest out of the way, shall we?

Scarlett and Liam have had some sort of rapprochement after Stolen Diarygate, and they’re out drinking. Liam confesses that he misses writing his own music, but is blocked, so keeps himself busy producing. Also, that all his riches and success don’t keep him from being lonely. Scarlett is wise old owl suddenly, and when Liam puts the moves on her at the end of the night, she rebuffs him gently and is completely unflustered. So basically, not at all like Scarlett. Whatever.

Deacon has a tiny gig at a bar somewhere, but no band and no money to hire one. What to do? If only he knew some musici–hey wait! He wanders into Gunnar’s house, where Gunnar, Zoe and Avery are conveniently playing a new song. THEY’RE musicians! And they will work super-cheap, because they’re all starting out and the Deacon Clayborne name is pay enough. But when they get to the bar, it turns out that the great Deacon has been bumped in favor of some drop-in show from a band with more star power. Deacon has to wait and go on at midnight to play for the remaining 15 people in the bar. Fortunately, they love him! And the nasty booker tells Deacon to come back and headline sometime. (Oh, also, this was Zoe’s first real gig, so I guess she’s yet another musician we have to keep track of now.)

Juliette thought her career was over, but no less than the New York Times thinks her performance at the Opry was great, and revealed the artist underneath the pop queen. And then hotshot producer Howie B (who looks like Comic Book Guy) calls and wants to fly her out to L.A.–if country music doesn’t want her, pop sure does. He sets up a studio session with a huge orchestra to re-record “Don’t Throw Dirt on My Grave (Just Yet),” which means that he’s not interested in using Avery’s “perfectly” produced version. He also sets up a photo shoot to convince Rolling Stone that she should have the cover, and wants to remove her “country twang.” He’s also shoving Juliette’s faithful manager Glenn to the side, so Glenn leaves in order not to be “dead weight.” They have a sweet farewell scene that feels like Juliette’s losing her father. This will obviously end in Juliette telling Howie to shove it and returning to her roots, and Avery, on her own terms. (Honestly, Juliette, you’re an iTunes queen. Just release it yourself a la Radiohead!) But in the very next scene, she’s back at the Bluebird chatting with Deacon as he watches G/A/Z, so I don’t really understand what that whole thing was about.

And of course, the queen of our little drama, Rayna, is reeling from the death of her dad. She swirls into funeral-planning mode, but doesn’t shed a tear. She’s being strong for her girls, but is clearly still furious at her dad–and when Tandy comes, Rayna’s absolutely heartless in breaking the news of Lamar’s death. Tandy crumbles, and Rayna’s all, “Why are you so upset? You’re the one who told me he was a murderer.” She’s insisting to everybody  that she’s fine, and she’s planning a very small, private funeral with NO singing. You know how this goes–she’ll crumble at the end and weep hysterically for the destruction of her family illusions. And then presumably channel that into song.

Deacon goes to see Rayna, and tries to convince her to cut Lamar the tiniest bit of slack, if only for her own peace of mind. They have a loaded conversation, but she’s still not budging. Meanwhile, Deacon’s lawyer girlfriend has shown up at Teddy’s office, where he is CONFESSING to letting Lamar die on his floor! Dude, what are you doing? You were so good at keeping secrets for so long, why are you cracking now? Also, Megan’s repeated visiting of Teddy suggests that she and Deacon aren’t going to make it long-term.

Cut to Lamar’s memorial, to which Juliette is wearing a very sassy military-inspired coat. Rayna is wearing stern-looking sunglasses to conceal the fact that her eyes aren’t red.

Cut to G/A/Z at the Bluebird for their “real” jobs as waitrons, and they’ve finally figured out that maybe they should form a band. Duh.

Cut to Scarlett asleep in the studio, where Liam finds her. She went there to sulk after going to see Deacon at the Bluebird, only to find him onstage praising her ex-best friend and her two ex-boyfriends. She decides that making out with Liam is the appropriate response to this. Liam disagrees, but not enough to crawl his way out from under Scarlett’s lips. Ew.

Cut to joyous reunion between Juliette and Glenn (yay!). See above, being herself, yada yada.

Cut to a solitary Rayna in Lamar’s study. She pours herself a drink, then smashes the decanter! And trashes his desk! And sobs and screams! People, THE LYING MUST STOP. RAYNA SAYS SO. She’s right, but that was sort of stupidly overwrought. (ButIstillloveyouConnieBritton!)

And that’s your five-minute Nashville! Be true to yourselves and stay in tune, y’all!