XOXOAD is happy to welcome Victoria Van Tiem today. Victoria’s a romantic comedy addict, like so many of us, so we asked her to talk about just what she loves about the movies! And if you want to know even more, check out her new e-book, Love Like the Movies, which goes on sale Monday for only $1.99!

It’s no secret that I LOVE movies. Especially ROM-COMs. To quote LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES, “It’s the magic of boy meets girl, the angst of catch and release, the serendipity of meant-to-be.” It doesn’t matter if a romantic comedy follows a predictable course, we respond because it’s rooted in truth.  And the truth is, well, love is funny.

This year’s Oscars have all my peeps nominated in drama roles! Drama! And although they’re phenomenal…What the what?

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Matthew McConaughey -Dallas Buyers Club
Best Actress in a Leading Role: Amy Adams -American Hustle & Sandra Bullock-Gravity
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Bradley Cooper -American Hustle & Jonah Hill -Wolf of Wall Street
Best Actress in a Supporting Role:
The QUEEN, Julia Roberts –August: Osage County

Traditionally the Oscar goes to… big serious dramas and biopics, which is fine, but where are the wonderful Romantic Comedies? Why did they disappear from Hollywood? Is this why my lovelies have ventured into epic drama roles? Well I want them back! All of them, and I have the solution…

LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES. Yup, I’ve already cast it, Hollywood just needs to get on board and get things rolling.  My muse for Shane was a combination of Hugh Dancy and James Marsden.  They both have that wonderful disheveled hair. Just blend James’s feral smile with Hugh’s speech mannerisms and you have my Shane. Bradley is blond and broad, so maybe Chris Hemsworth. Tonya has to be Judy Greer, and Kensington? I never really had a muse because she’s you, the reader, and hopefully the story is experienced as if you’re in her head. But right, casting for a movie… I do love Emma Stone. Think she’d do it?
Imagine if they really did make my little novel into a movie. How awesome would that be? Then all of my ROM-COM peeps would have a home again, they could make guest cameos! Oh, and I’d be a complete loopy mess on set, just like Honey in Notting Hill when she meets Anna Scott, Julia Roberts’s character. When she meets her, she says, ‘oh God, this is one of those key moments in life, when it’s possible you can be really, genuinely cool, and I’m failing 100%.’ That’d be me, and, just like Honey, I’d probably follow everyone into the loo.
LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES goes on sale this Monday for just $1.99–only a fraction of the cost of a movie ticket! I hope you’ll join me at my Facebook page for an online launch party, including a chance to win a big ol’ Hollywood Swag Bag!
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