#1 New York Times bestselling historical romance author Johanna Lindsey dishes on how she came to choose the main squeeze for her latest novel, One Heart to Win, now available in mass market from Pocket Books!

There I was writing ONE HEART TO WIN, my first Western in ten years, and I couldn’t choose between two appealing men for the hero.  Degan Grant was a dark, dangerous, mysterious gunslinger.  Hunter Callahan, a cowboy and the scion of a Montana ranching family, was hot sunshine, laughter, and flirtatious mischief. Both would be excellent heroes. But which one?  You can’t have two heroes in a novel! I kept telling myself.  I groaned and continued writing.

As the story developed, the best man for my heroine Tiffany Warren became obvious.  Here she was, a New York socialite, being shipped off to Montana to end a feud –through marriage to the son of her father’s enemy. On top of traveling into  dangerous territory, Tiffany doesn’t know why her parents separated when she was a young child and she and her mother moved to New York while her brothers stayed with her father in Montana; she doesn’t know why her father never visited her when she was growing up; and she certainly has no desire to meet her father now.  Also, she doesn’t have a clue about what started the feud in the first place. With all that drama in her life, I thought she needed a man who could make her laugh, as well as experience romance and passion.  And I knew in my heart that Hunter could win Tiffany’s heart with all three.

What about the mysterious Degan Grant? I’m going to write his story, but I can’t do it now because I’m deep into my next book, STORMY PERSUASION, and James Malory is calling me.

And I’ve heard it said that ladies don’t say “no” to him.