The uber-talented Lisa Hinsley shares the inspiration behind her latest thriller, THE ULTIMATE CHOICE!

You probably know someone who is pregnant. Take a moment to think about them. Maybe it’s you that’s expecting, or a close friend, a work colleague or that lady who always takes the bus at the same time as you. They are probably happy. They probably have a partner to share the joy with. They might even have older child waiting to meet their new baby brother or sister.

Now fast forward eighty years. The population of the world has exploded. There’s not enough food. You need a ration card to get your weekly allowance of supplies. You have to walk everywhere because there’s little gasoline available, and only the government run vehicles. If you want to have a child you need explicit permission. Men and women are kept as separate as possible, and if you find out you’re expecting you have two choices: your life or the life of your child.

It only took a brief love affair with a man for Cassie’s life to change forever. When she realised she was pregnant she didn’t admit it to the authorities. Instead she concealed her expanding waistline and gave birth to the baby in secret. But the police have a way of finding these things out, and it wasn’t long before they rammed her door down and confiscated the baby.

Jack was the name she gave him. And Cassie must make the ultimate choice between her life and his.…

I find that when I write books they are either a labor of love, sometimes taking years to reach completion, or they come out so fast I almost can’t type fast enough. The Ultimate Choice was one of those where the first draft was completed in just over two months.

The idea came about not as a eureka moment but over time. The news seems filled with stories about the ever increasing population of not just our country, but countries around the world. It seems there are few where population numbers are actually decreasing. This got me thinking. What if the sheer number of people meant we could no longer feed everyone? How would the government cope? What extraordinary measures would they have to resort to?

Now think back to the person I asked you about earlier. Picture yourself, your partner, your friend, or that woman from the bus and imagine them in a world where pregnancy calls for punishment.

It’s hard to imagine that this would happen in the real world. Well, consider China and their ‘one baby rule’. Of course this could happen, it has and does happen. In The Ultimate Choice, I imagined a population crisis that forces governments into extremes beyond measure. This is the world Cassie lives in, one where she must sacrifice herself so that her baby, Jack, can live.

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