It’s hard to believe, but this past week marked one year since Christina Lauren’s (née Christina + Lauren) Beautiful Bastard hit the shelves and onlineosphere. Since then, we’ve seen nations rise, and nations fall (at least in Settlers of Catan). We’ve seen a royal baby be born, and we’ve seen an overgrown baby do something called twerking (as if it were new, and hers). We’ve seen great feats of film, like Twelve Years a Slave, and then this little ditty from Bastard‘s French publisher:



But through it all, we’ve mostly seen Bennett and Chloe still arguing and bonking, arguing and bonking, arguing, and, yes, bonking. And so are their friends. Through 6 books in the Beautiful series, we have seen what it means to love, hang out with good friends, overcome troubles, and have a truly remarkable amount of sex.

So to celebrate the resilient, Beautiful sprit of love, we’ve put the entire Beautiful series on sale for just $2.99 per eBook for a limited time.

CLO beautiful year ad.jpg

So if you’re missing one or two, or missed out on the Beautiful Year all together, there’s still time to catch up on this Christina Lauren series, before the next one comes this May 27, with Book One of the all-new Wild Seasons series: Sweet Filthy Boy.

Have a Beautiful 2014, Everyone!