James Lee Burke has been called one of America’s greatest living suspense writers; he’s won acclaim, bestseller status, and the title of Grand Master at the 2009 Edgar Awards. His heroes are flawed but honorable men, struggling to keep themselves more on the “saint” than “sinner” side of the ledger–and his villains are complex, honest, and often terrifying.

Burke’s most beloved hero is Dave Robicheaux, a grizzled ex-cop turned sheriff’s deputy in New Orleans. The sultry, sleazy setting is perfect for an alcoholic investigator who’s not afraid to bend the law when he needs to.

If you’re looking for excellent American suspense, look no further than the books below, numbers 5-8 in the Robicheaux series. Pocket Star is delighted to make them newly available in e-book, and hope you’ll soon be hooked. Happy reading, cher!