Kim Barnouin joins us at XOXO today to share the story of how she met her husband, the great romance of her life that inspired her to try her hand at writing a love story… and the rest is history! SKINNY BITCH IN LOVE is out in paperback now, with SKINNY BITCH GETS HITCHED to come later this spring in hardcover!

What can I say, I’m a romance junkie. I grew up reading romance novels and watching romantic movies. All those years of reading and watching made it difficult for any real life man to measure up. Enter my French husband. The stage was set for romance to begin with, I was living in South Beach Florida, a small beach community that oozed sexiness. One day while working at a little French cafe, in walked my future husband looking for a job. I begged the manager to hire him, thankfully he did.

When my future husband started talking to us on his first day I knew I was in trouble, he had an accent. A thick, sexy French accent. And he was tall and handsome. I
was a goner. After a few months we started dating. We sat in cafés and talked for hours, had picnics on the beach and took moonlight walks along the ocean. A year later we moved from the cozy beach town to the craziness of LA, and here we are almost 14 years later and I still love it when he talks to me in French. Has the romance gone away? I would say it’s just a different kind of romance now. We have a seven year old son, and that alone can hinder spontaneous romance, however what we have created together in these 14 years is amazing. That is my new romance, having a family and a life together. And it doesn’t hurt that my husband still has a
strong French accent.