T.J Brown’s Summerset Abbey series has a whole lot of powerful women vying for their place. In this highly entertaining guest post, T.J sets them against some formidable foes and predicts how they would fare.


I drew some of my inspiration for Summerset Abbey from Downton Abbey-the sprawling estate, the time period, the three privileged women dealing with matters of the heart. But how would the women of Summerset really stack up to the women of Downton? It’s THROWDOWN TIME:

Mary Crawley vs Rowena Buxton

Mary is privileged, snobbish and comes across as rather a cold fish, except of course, when she was with her Matthew. She’s known for witty insults and patronizing glances designed to put someone (usually Edith) in their place.

Rowena, on the other hand, hates confrontation and suffers from depression. She usually causes the most trouble by failing to act, though by the end of Spring Awakening, she grows into a courageous aeroplane pilot.

Winner of Toughest Debutante of Edwardian England? Mary Crawley

Though Rowena is a celebrated beauty and can successfully crash land an aircraft, she is no match for Mary Crawley’s superior verbal fencing skills.

Edith Crawley vs Prudence Tate

Edith too has a scathing tongue and after years of being in her older sister’s shadow, also has a fierce desire to come out on top. Her good qualities are often set aside when an opportunity arises to best her sister.

Prudence is the most dependable of the three Summerset women and has a strong moral compass. Her love for others often puts her at a disadvantage.

Best Middle Sister of a Dysfunctional Edwardian Family? A tie. Prudence would appeal to Edith’s better instincts and they would end up having afternoon tea together. Probably to discuss the highs and lows of being the middle sister.

Sybil Crawley vs Victoria Buxton

Sybil was idealistic, beautiful and had a strong sense of right and wrong. She was passionate about what she believed in.

Victoria also had a heightened sense of what was fair and, in spite of being physically frail, had the strongest will of any of them.

Best completely indulged over-zealous suffragette? Victoria Buxton. Sybil’s idealism would be no match for Victoria’s sharp wit and impetuous nature.  Plus, Victoria did spend time in prison…

Bonus Round

Lady Charlotte Buxton vs. Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham

Violet Crawley is sharp tongued, indomitable and a terrible snob. She is completely convinced of her own rightness in every conceivable way.

Lady Charlotte Buxton, is wicked smart, manipulative and completely convinced of her own rightness in every conceivable way.

The result: Violet Crawley. It would be a battle royal and no one would come out unscathed, but in the end, Violet Crawley would come out on top because, you know, MAGGIE SMITH WINS ALL THE THINGS.