Don’t eat the powdered donuts!!!

Ahem…we mean: this Saturday, January 18, join Flowers FanAttics (hee hee!) everywhere for the defining event of 2014—heck the defining event of Humanity—the Lifetime TV movie version of Flowers in the Attic!

Yes, Flowers in the Attic. The legendary book by V.C. Andrews that your parents didn’t want you to read, but you did anyway. (And they did, too, when you went to bed.) Someone made it into a movie (again)! Starring Heather Graham, Ellen Burstyn, Kiernan Shipka (yes, the quixotic daughter from Mad Men re-ups her creepy cred!), Mason Dye, and Dylan Bruce—it looks so good!

And it’s more faithful to the book than that other movie version… And yes, this one has that taboo thing you’re wondering if they dared put in there. Don’t believe us? Check out the trailer:

Then download our Viewing Guide to the movie, so you can gather your friends together and chat about the book and what you expect to see in the movie!

Now, the movie airs at 8pm EST, and if you’re interested, XOXOAfterDark will be streaming the Twitter hashtags #FlowersintheAttic and #BadGrandma on our January 18 post.

But if you really can’t wait think about joining your FanAttics at a BookBabble event at 1pm EST that same day over at Spreecast. There you can video-chat and video-hangout and video-obsess over the book and what your hopes and dreams are for the movie. (And you have plenty of fangirl/fanboy squee fuel because response to the film has been so positive that Lifetime recently greenlit the sequel, Petals on the Wind—obsess over additional V.C. Andrews movies too? Yes, we think we will, thanks!)

But wait–it gets better! You can also enter to win the five books in the Dollanganger series at the official Lifetime sweepstakes–because the gloriousness of this YA gothic masterpiece really comes to life on the page. TV good. Book better.

And then, because we love V.C. so much, we’re releasing the next V.C. book on Monday, The Unwelcomed Child!

Phew, that made us so tired and hungry…pass us those donuts, please.

(Quasi-legal disclaimer of sorts: Please be aware that Flowers in the Attic, while a made-for-TV movie, does contain some themes that may make some people uncomfortable. Of course, like most gothic romances and horror stories, that’s exactly why other people want to read it.)