Deirdre Dore joins XOXO to discuss some super cool fan art that her friends created for her debut romantic suspense novel, STRINGS OF FATE! I love the book’s actual cover image, but this artwork may give the cover artist a run for her money… I especially love that creepy killer Joe is lurking in the background… gives me chills!


I’ve always known that it’s cool to be a nerd. I knew because all my friends were nerds and were and are the best people in the world. Two of my best friends from high school, Chris and Christina Zepeda, both artists, married each other and all of us kept in touch over the years. When I was trying to put together a website for the Mistresses of Fate series, I didn’t have a cover yet, so I asked Christina for help with cover art. She read the book and art directed her husband Chris to create this amazing piece of art for Strings of Fate. When I saw it, I absolutely loved it…it fits the characters and slightly surreal element of the paranormal hinted at in the book.


Copyright 2013 by Chris Ortega.


Thanks again to my dearest friends for creating something so fantastic to go with my first book.