New York Times bestselling author Kyra Davis dishes to XOXOAD about writing the Pure Sin Series. Read on to find out some tidbits from the beloved erotica author herself!


There isn’t a human being over five who hasn’t at one point in their life, longed for revenge. Sometimes it’s after we’re cut off on the highway, or after a sibling, playmate or confidant leaks one of our precious secrets, or maybe it’s after a boss fires us for no good reason, or a lover cheats on us, whatever. But at some point we all want, fantasize about, or even long for revenge. Most of us manage to heed the better angels of our nature and opt for restraint and hopefully, at some point, forgiveness. But that doesn’t mean we don’t understand this desire on a very deep level. That’s why we all love a good revenge story. And that’s what made writing Deceptive Innocence, the first installment of the Pure Sin series, so much fun.

My protagonist who goes by the name of Bell Dantés, saw her mother go to prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Bell was only a child at the time of the arrest, but she was a teen when her mother committed suicide while still behind bars—and it’s then that Bell figures out that it was the powerful Gable family that set her mother up. She has every reason to want revenge, but unlike most of us, Bell actually goes for it. Now a young woman, Bell infiltrates the family by seducing the youngest son, the very sexy and very complicated Lander Gable. But here’s where things get complicated: despite her best efforts to continue to hate Lander, when she’s around him she finds that she can’t quite do it. She feels a connection to him and an attraction to him that she’s unable to shake. She knows he’s dangerous but that only serves to make him more appealing. So as Bell manipulates Lander’s world and Lander overwhelms Bell—both in and out of the bedroom—the question becomes: Who is actually in control? It’s a subtle and intricate power game.

And that brings us to the other aspect of revenge, the very reason most of us refrain from pursuing it: Those who seek revenge usually end up hurting themselves.

Bell isn’t that different from the rest of us. She simply isn’t as hard or as merciless as she wants to be—she’s just extraordinarily angry. Creating a character who is motivated by rage and undone by desire was a unique and delicious challenge, just as creating a character who is as mysterious and multifaceted as Lander has been a delight. Hopefully it will make for an equally delicious and delightful read!