As a book editor, some parts of the job are more glamorous than others. Reading for a living? Glamorous. Attending hour-long meetings about metadata? Not quite as glamorous. Being the editor assigned to re-releasing Linda Lael Miller’s treasured classics falls into the former category—it’s kind of a dream job. While Linda is busy writing huge bestselling contemporary Westerns for Harlequin, I get to dive into her beloved backlist, read the historical romance novels that launched her career, and determine which of her stories merit a new life in print based on what romance fans are looking for these days (answer: all of them).

But that’s only step one. When we re-release a backlist title, we update the packaging with a gorgeous new cover, which leads to step two: staring at photos of sexy cowboys and rugged frontiersman to pick the perfect cover image. Tough life I lead, huh?

This month we’re reissuing MEMORY’S EMBRACE, set on the frontier of 1880s Oregon and featuring the handsome and mysterious Keith Corbin (this is the fourth novel we’ve released featuring a Corbin brother, and it’s my favorite by far) and the beautiful woman who helps him hide his identity, flee the painful memories of his past, and start his life over. I love the stormy scene on this novel’s cover—it was inspired by one of the novel’s opening scenes. Super atmospheric, right?

What do you think of the new cover? I have to admit that my favorite new Linda Lael Miller cover is yet to come—it’s the gorgeous and tender image we’re using for the re-release of LILY AND THE MAJOR, which publishes over the summer, so stay tuned for some serious swooning when that one comes out!