Now that X-Mas has passed us by once again in a flurry of holly sprigs and eggnog, onto the next holiday: NEW YEAR’S.

Ah, a new year. New beginnings. A time filled with family, friends, and promise for the future.

EVERYONE deserves a do-over on New Year’s. Even the celebrities who have entertained, enthralled, enraged, and flat-out horrified us throughout the entirety of 2013 (Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, and Lindsay Lohan, I’m lookin’ at you.) So, in the spirit of starting fresh, we’re going to take a look at who in the celeb scene hasn’t gone bat-wild crazy yet–but just might in 2014. Here’s hoping!

1. Emily VanCamp–you know her as Emily Thorne, the angel-faced vixen out for blood on ABC’s hit show Revenge (but first she was on Everwood, that charming little family drama with the pasty male lead and “Treat” Williams–because that’s a real name.) There’s no conceivable way that someone could be that plotting and vengeful for all that filming time and not have it carry over to real life in some capacity. Seriously, in the winter finale of the show her character actually hatched a plot to fake her own death just hours after her wedding, in an attempt to frame her now mother-in-law. And I’m supposed to believe VanCamp bustles on home afterwards for a light dinner and some Real Housewives?! Yeah. No. She’s gonna lose it big–it’s just a matter of time.

2. Simon Cowell–most recently of The X-Factor U.S. Season 3, this guy is one white V-neck tee away from a mental breakdown. He’s wound so tight it’s a miracle his head didn’t pop off during those judging rounds. All it’ll take is one more “bugs-bunny ears” from Paulina Rubio, or another “shut up, Simon!” from Demi, and he’s going to blow.

3. Juan Pablo Galavis–okay, so this is a reality TV star heretofore known only for being the cutest–and hardest to understand–of the bunch on Desiree’s season of The Bachelorette, but the newest of ABC’s cache of Bachelors seems a little shady. His Twitter feed already speaks to a slightly confused state of mind: J.P.’s tweets are filled with gems such as these song lyrics: “Are You Gonna Stay The Night, Doesn’t Mean We’re Bound For Life, So Oh Oh Are You Gonna Stay The Night.” So is he looking for a wife, or a booty call? Doesn’t seem quite like husband material… we might have to wait until after the season airs, but no doubt J.P. is gonna turn mad playboy on us and get involved in all sorts of craziness. Happy ‘Juan-uary!’

4. The entire cast of RHONY (Real Housewives of New York City)–another reality TV phenom premiering in early 2014. This one pretty much speaks for itself.

5. Lena Dunham–it’s a fine line between quirky and straight-up nutballs, and this star and creator of HBO’s hit show Girls walks it all day, every day. Dunham’s managed to keep it together so far, but with the next season premiering in January, and the show promising to be even bigger this time around, we’re not ruling out a meltdown just yet.

Who do you think is due for a breakdown in 2014?! Post your thoughts in the Comments section!