New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries loves the holiday season, but also loves taking the celebration back in time a bit. Do you have any favorite old traditions or wacky games from back in the day? Post in the comments to let us know!


Hi all,

I love Christmas, and I adore the Regency, so what better way to celebrate the first than to combine it with the second? Voila, my Regency Christmas Party Kit was born. Finding the period-appropriate games and décor was easy—I had to research them for ’Twas the Night after Christmas! My assistant and I experimented with snowflake cut-outs until we found simple instructions that worked. And yes, I tried out some of the games, too—Snapdragon, for example. Considering that it involves snatching raisins out of a burning bowl of brandy, it was surprisingly okay. At least I didn’t end up in the ER, which would have been a painfully modern twist to my foray into Regency Christmases Past.

The recipes were easy to find, but not so easy to reproduce. Some of them called for things like orgeat and suet, so we had to do a bit of finagling to make them suitable for modern cooks.

5 - SJ recipe card Plum Pottage

But the results are good, judging from this picture of the Honey Merry Christmas Cookies made by reader Kim Van Houten.

SJ post--cookies

So I hope you’ll try it out, throw a fun party for yourself and your friends, and enjoy a little taste of what it might have been like to celebrate Christmas in the Regency.