We’re thrilled to host award-winning author Melissa Mayhue, who joins us this morning to chat about Time Travel romance and her newest novel, WARRIOR UNTAMED. Take that, Monday Blues!

I’m so pleased to be here with you today! It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for me because November 26 marked the release of my eleventh full book with Pocket Books, WARRIOR UNTAMED.

This is the third full book in my Warrior Series and it wraps up the Warrior storyline. For all my readers who’ve been waiting for the full-fledged Happy Ever After for the characters in this series, this is it!  WARRIOR UNTAMED is Halldor and Brie’s story, and follows them as they pursue–and defeat—the ancient evil that has invaded the world of man.

I’m thrilled to say that the first book in this series—WARRIOR’S REDEMPTION—is available right here on XOXO After Dark as a Free Read beginning today. If you haven’t tried the series, this just might be your best opportunity! [What beats a Free Read???]

The hero of WARRIOR UNTAMED, Halldor O’Donar, was originally introduced in the second books in this series, WARRIOR REBORN. He was created as a secondary character, intended only to assist the hero of that book, Chase Noble, adjust to everything after traveling through time to medieval Scotland. But in every scene where Halldor appeared, he continued to grow on me and as I learned more of his back story and saw him in action, I knew he needed a book of his own. From the moment he first spotted Brie in WARRIOR REBORN, I knew they were meant to be together. As it turned out, I’m really pleased that Hall continued to assert himself in that earlier story because he’s ended up being one of my all-time favorite heroes!

With the Warrior Series at an end and, after eight years of writing paranormal historicals – Time Travels with Faerie Magic – I decided to mix it up a little by writing my first contemporary romance and I had a great time writing it. It felt almost like eating a mint between courses of a big dinner! But fear not, WARRIOR UNTAMED won’t be the last book I write about time traveling characters in a world beset with Faeries and other creatures. I’m much too fond of time travel romances to ever leave them behind!

What is it about a Time Travel romance that grabs you and sucks you in? For me it was the thrill of finding all the things I loved best in a book combined in one story.

The first Time Travel romance I ever read was written by Flora Speer. I can’t remember which of her titles I read first, because I quickly hunted for and read every single one of her books. I could hardly believe such stories existed, combining two of my favorites: historicals and fantasies… with the added bonus of the Happily Ever After you are guaranteed only in a Romance! And then, wonder of wonders, I discovered that there were so many other wonderful authors writing these amazing Time Travel Romances. How had I lived for so long without knowing they existed in my world? I scoured online bookshops and used book stores and continued to add to my collection of favorite Time Travel authors:  Lynn Kurland [who doesn’t want to find their very own de Piaget?], Karen Marie Moning [such wonderful dark highlanders!], Sandra Hill [with pirates every woman wants] Christina Skye [whose Christmas Knight is still my favorite holiday book ever] and so, so many others whose books I have enjoyed over the years.

My list of Time Travel loves also included wonderful authors like Constance O’Day-Flannery, Terri Brisbin, Jenny Lykins, Susan Sizemore, Janet Chapman, and Tess Mallory. And who could forget Diana Gabaldon? She’s definitely on my list. Listening to Outlander on cassette tape as I drove through rush hour traffic is one of my favorite memories. [Though the morning I was late getting into the office because I HAD to hear the end of the chapter is probably one of those memories best forgotten!]

Since I’ve been a devoted reader for far more years than I’ve been a writer, I can’t help but think I’m not the only reader out there who has fond memories of reading Time Travel romances. Which leads to my question for all of you: Do you remember your first Time Travel Romance? Who are some of your favorite authors? And, yes, I admit to having a secret motive here – I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for new favorite authors and books!!!

To learn more about any of my books, or to read short excerpts, please visit my website – www.MelissaMayhue.com. I’d be happy to answer questions or chat about the books. You can find me on Facebook at my Author Page [www.facebook.com/Melissa.Mayhue.Author] or, if you just want to know when the next books are coming out, you can sign up for my New Release Newsletter at http://bit.ly/1aa509b.

Until the next time, wishing you many, many hours of Happy Reading ~

~ Melissa