Hola, Jennifer Probst peeps!

We want to give a GIANT shoutout to all of the amazing fans, readers, and of course the Jennifer Probst SUPER Street Team for helping to make the Searching for Someday scavenger hunt a rampant, wild, rollicking success! We followed the buzz on Twitter and on searchingforsomeday.com, and we were bowled over by the creativity and mischievousness of our participants! Advance copies of Searching for Someday wound up in, among other places:

-Lowe’s hardware stores–hip hip hurray for hot handymen!

-Starbucks–a latte and a love story? What could be better!

-Bakeries–like Starbucks, only better because it involves high-calorie bites of deliciousness. YUM.

-Offices–talk about something to break up the workday…

-Malls–shop ’til you drop and then relax with a steamy read!

-Gyms–I for one get a little nauseous reading and running/spinning/elliptical-ing simultaneously, but what a great idea!

And, best of all…


Yes, one hardy lady actually gave an officer who pulled her over copies of the book–and he LET. HER. GO. And then gave them to his wife, who Tweeted about it on our site!

That’s the magic of Jennifer Probst, people. She’ll make you laugh, make you cry, AND get you out of a ticket.

So download or pick up a copy of Searching for Someday, and get to reading! Also, a picture below of our own marketing team’s oh-so-subtle hiding spot during the scav hunt:

There it is, front and center!
There it is, front and center!