For anyone living under a rock who may not have heard,  New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kresley Cole is publishing her first-ever erotica e-serialization…


THE PROFESSIONAL–a sexy, compulsive read about Natalie, a grad student who finds out she’s a Russian mafiya princess, and Sevastyan, the hot brooding dude assigned to protect her. When their relationship becomes anything but “professional,” Natalie will have to make a choice: go back to the home she knows, or stay in Russia and become bound to the hot guy.

Inextricably tied to an insanely hot guy for the rest of your LIFE?! Oh, the horror! **sarcasm**

If you’re as excited as this about we are (and you better be!), then you’ll be chomping at the bit for Part 1, which releases 12/16! But, to tide you over in the meantime, check out this insanely cool gif of THE PROFESSIONAL!

**And make sure to check back on December 12 for a steamy exclusive excerpt and special erotica giveaway!**