Oof, everyone on Nashville annoyed me tonight, mostly because they are all creating DRAMA where no drama need exist. I suppose it’s churlish to complain about too much drama on a nighttime soap opera, but tonight I felt like we’ve seen it all before.

The Good: The sniping on Juliette’s tour is getting fierce–Layla’s too big for her britches and gets cocky by taking an encore on her set, thus delaying Juliette’s appearance. Will’s getting sick of Layla (and the closet) and is acting out in increasingly self-destructive ways, which means that his manager/minder (the comfortably gay boy whose name I can’t recall) has to come down and babysit. Juliette tries to put Layla in her place by first, switching the performance order so she goes early and plays to a smaller crowd, and then jumping into a duet with Will in her place.

I don’t know what Juliette’s manager does all day, since she won’t use him when one would think he could shut this down easily. Plus, she’s constantly tossing him out of her dressing room to deal with Charlie “Rich Guy” Wentworth, who insists he’s madly in love with Juliette and has left his wife for her. Juliette, honey, this dude is a Stage 5 Clinger. Run. Eventually, she actually shows enough sense to say, “Nah” to Charlie, and lets him down easy, telling him to go back to his wife. Too bad bitchy little Layla has learned from the master, and called up TMZ to tell them just who was at the heart of Wentworth’s recent divorce. Ruh-roh…

The Bad: The love square (although it’s actually not a square at this point, it’s just two parallel lines) of Avery/Scarlett/Gunnar/Zoe is officially the most boring storyline on the fall season. Somehow, Zoe and Gunnar are convinced that fragile Scarlett will be furious or broken or whatever if she finds out they’re canoodling. This makes no sense to me because a) she’s in another relationship! and b) she has no spine, which means even if she were crushed, she would just furrow her brow, wrap herself in a comforting granny sweater, and tell them she understood. JUST FRICKING TELL HER ALREADY. But no, we have to watch. Short version: Scarlett is feeling lonely and out of place on tour, so invites Avery and Zoe to come visit–but she feels awkward with them, too, and then is upset when no one tells her that there’s now a Zunnar and she has to see them macking in the hallway. Boo.

The Ugly: Maddie’s trying to forge a connection with Deacon and asks if she can take guitar lessons with him. Sketchy Teddy is annoyed, but he and Rayna agree, and Maddie seems delighted. She’s preparing for some showcase or whatever, where she’s singing one of Deacon’s songs. On the day, she puts him on the spot by asking him to sing backup with her. He doesn’t want to leave her hanging, so he goes up and sings, and it’s all very pretty.

Meanwhile, Teddy (sitting with Peggy the Liar and Rayna) is quietly losing his shit in a fit of jealousy. He’s clearly feeling squeezed out despite all reassurances to the contrary, so when the song is over and Deacon leaves hastily, Sketchy Teddy goes after him and they nearly come to blows in the street. All the women involved are disgusted, and Maddie is considering not speaking to either of them. Rayna is the voice of reason, but she (like we) are beginning to agree with the kid.

There’s also some stuff with Lamar, but no one cares. You can look it up. Till next week, everyone! The previews promise that Someone…Will…DIE. Who do you think it’ll be?