Seems like almost everybody has an e-reader these days, or a smartphone, or a tablet–anyway, some clever little device for consuming books in mass quantities! Maybe you have one of these e-book consumers in your own life, and are thinking about buying them something new to read? How about any of the following e-original titles? Not only are you giving someone a great read, but you’re investing in THE FUTURE OF PUBLISHING. Y’know, if you care about that stuff.

We’ve broken down some of our favorite titles into categories–and if you look at the book units below this post, you can find descriptions, covers, and retailer buttons for purchasing. Happy shopping!

E-books for every reader – plus, shopping in your PJs!

For the romantic:

Rhythm and Bluegrass, Molly Harper

Thrown, Colette Auclair

Sempre and Sempre: Redemption, J.M. Darhower


For the bargain hunter ($1.99 or less!):

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero, Harriet Evans

The Damsel & the Daggerman, Delilah Dawson

Connecting Rooms, Jayne Ann Krentz

To buy any of the titles above, just scroll down for easy shopping!


For your friend who loves Comic Con:

Disenchanted & Co. (Pts I & II), Lynn Viehl

Metas: the Complete Bundle, Kelly Meding

Plague, Lisa Hinsley

Nightlife, Matthew Quinn Martin


For the naughty:

The Professional (Pts. 1-3), Kresley Cole

Deceptive Innocence (Pt. 1), Kyra Davis

The Pulse & The Escape, Shoshanna Evers

We had so many great books to recommend, they don’t all fit in one post! To purchase any of our “Comic Con” or “Naughty” picks, please click to Part 2 of our shopping list.

For the mystery fan:

A Bad Day for Romance & Shattered Bond, Sophie Littlefield

Strings of Fate, Deidre Dore

Caught Red-Handed, Jan Burke


For the playful:

Club Monstrosity, Jesse Petersen

Lauren, Charlotte & Becca (interactive “Dare to Decide” novels!), Mima


For the life of the party:

Woman Walks into a Bar, Rowan Coleman

Freakin’ Fabulous Holidays, Clinton Kelly

If you’re looking forthe mysteries, quirky books, or party books above, click here for Part 3 of our Cyber Monday shopping list.