Welcome to XOXO, Katy Evans! And Happy Pub Day, REMY! (I’m sorry, but how hot is that cover?!) Talk to us, girl!


Thank you so much to XOXOAfterDark for having me over today, when we’re celebrating the release of REMY, the third installment of the REAL series and my personal favorite.

I absolutely love Brooke and Remy, and I loved the journey they pulled me into during each of their books.

REAL was like falling in love, where I felt consumed by the lust, the mystery, the excitement. “WHO IS HE?” That was the question kept running through my mind all through REAL as Brooke and I got to discover and uncover the mystery that is Remington Tate.

MINE was all about the love, the reality, the challenges, the acceptance, the growth. This book was really emotional for me to write. I got to delve in deeper into Remy and Brooke’s life together as they each battled their own demons, and it was both heart-wrenching and inspiring. I’m very proud of this beautiful book!

And last of their three Remy and Brooke books comes REMY, and oooh, Remy, if I didn’t love this man enough already, he just stole my heart for real and forever.  I loved loved loved being in his head!

REMY is a great combination of scenes in the present along with scenes that we previously experienced through Brooke’s eyes. When I wrote REAL and MINE, there were dozens of instances where I really craved to be in Remy’s head, but he’s a very elusive character and he seemed to find it easier to open up to me through Brooke first. He is so elusive, in fact, there were even a couple of days when I wondered if he was going to let me into his head at all so that I could actually write REMY.

But he did!!

And I absolutely loved every minute I spent in his thoughts, crawling happily inside his mind. As with the first two books, my main goal was that I could do Brooke and Remy and their incredible love justice, and my hope is that you have as pleasurable a time reading about them as I did writing them.

Happy release day, REMY!! And thank you to my incredible team at Gallery Books for making these releases happen. Thank you, also, to all my readers for being as excited and invested in Brooke and Remington’s love story as I have been.

For those of you just started, the series order begins: REAL, MINE, and followed by REMY….for now. 🙂