Can’t wait for the November 26th release of Jennifer Probst’s latest book—and first in a brand-new series!—Searching for Someday, chronicling matchmaker extraordinaire Kate Seymour’s own journey to find love?

Fear not! Starting TODAY you can take part in a super-fun scavenger hunt around town to scout out this hot new title! Superfans all over the country have been shipped early editions of Searching for Someday, and they’re just waiting to put a copy in your hands— that is, if you can find them.

Need a hint? Check out #searchingforsomeday on Twitter to find a book gifter in your area; they’ll be tweeting where they’ve placed the books, and it’s your job to go out and grab one before they all get snatched up! You can also find the hashtag on and — check out the tab titled “Street Team,” which will pull in the tweets using the #searchingforsomeday hashtag. There will also be a chat box, so you can leave comments!

So, to recap: Follow the hashtag—get on your feet—pick up book—and voila! You gain instant, free access to this sizzling new story before the rest of the world!

Now how’s that for an exclusive?

Jennifer Probst is the New York Time and USA Today bestselling author of the Marriage to a Billionaire series. Searching for Someday, the first installment in her new Searching For… series, is out November 26th from Gallery/Pocket books!