Ah, these magical few weeks between fall and winter (finter? wall? fallinter?). Leaves crackling on the ground instead of mounds of slushy snow (and, if you live in New York or any other metropolitan area, very, very, dirty snow). Cute belted jackets soon to turn into heavy coats resembling giant puffer fish. High fashion boots instead of inclement weather trudgers invariably broken out every January.

And pumpkin. Everything pumpkin. Sigh.

In honor of this very special–and very fleeting–time, we’re going to sweeten up pre-winter even more by giving you a chance to nab some seriously snuggly cozy mystery books! Devour your goodies in one shot or save up for those bone-chilling days ahead when you couldn’t possibly be bothered to venture out.

All you have to do is answer this question: if you were to write a cozy mystery book (or series, for the ambitious), what would it be about?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to write about a supersleuthing hairdresser just itching to solve the mystery behind her every-third-Tuesday’s-cut-and-color sudden disappearance. Maybe you’d write about suspected foul play going on at the neighborhood bakery–what are they putting in those scones!?

Whatever your idea is, we want to hear it!

Be sure to answer in a comment below by 9 a.m., Saturday, November 16, for your chance to win! One winner will be chosen at random. Happy writing!

**Click here for complete contest rules.