Welcome! In Part One of this hot exclusive excerpt from SEARCHING FOR SOMEDAY by Jennifer Probst, featured on HeroesandHeartbreakers.com, matchmaker Kate was hell bent on turning her client from true love skeptic to believer—but is she making the cardinal mistake of coveting him for herself? Read on below to see how this sizzling teaser ends, and be sure to pick up a copy of SEARCHING FOR SOMEDAY, Book One in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Probst’s new series, out November 26th from Gallery Books!


Slade expected a slight tingle, but the explosion between them rocked his sanity. Burning heat raced through his palms and burst in his gut, as if the simple touch set off a crazy array of currents that blazed one by one. Her slight cry told him she felt it too, and immediately his brain shut down in a raw urge to arouse, possess, pleasure. His dick swelled to full staff and the blood thickened in his veins, driving every rational thought from his head.

This time, he was prepared. This time, he let the energy take hold and flow through every cell. Her scent swamped him, a delicious hint of sugar and musk that rose to his nostrils and made him want to stamp and snort like a thoroughbred about to mate. Those gorgeous blue eyes darkened, and her pale pink lips opened as she fought for air, the stab of her nipples tempting him through the delicate silk. Her body shook and trembled, but he already knew it wasn’t fear, but the knowledge she couldn’t hide any longer.

“No,” she moaned, in one last attempt to deny him.

He lowered his mouth and stopped inches from hers.

“Yes. Oh, yes.”

His lips covered hers.

Kate drowned. From the first sizzling touch, everything she’d been fighting to believe, to understand, fizzled away. She was ripped to the bare bones of a shaking need and lust that refused to be sated.

His mouth was the perfect combination of delicious heat and greed that devoured hers. She opened for him without hesitation, and his tongue swept inside to take it all. He tasted of mint and cognac and chocolate. He used his teeth to nip at her bottom lip, soothed with his tongue, and dove deep to uncover every hidden secret she tried to hide.

Kate clutched at him, digging her nails into his shoulders, and he pressed his body against hers for full contact. She groaned with sheer relief, needing his firm strength to hold her up as her knees gave out. His hips cradled hers, his erection notched between her thighs, and a rush of liquid warmth pulsed between her legs. She tried to shift to get closer, to ease the empty ache that was slowly tearing her apart.

She’d been with other men on various physical scales. She may be a technical virgin, but considered herself adept in all the ways of lovemaking and foreplay, engaging in creative and intimate ways to satisfy one another. But never had she been completely overtaken by a fierce lust to mate: to rip off her clothes, climb on top, and bury his cock deep inside her wet channel. He feasted on her lips, then trailed downward to lick and bite her neck while his fingers worked up the hem of her dress to her waist. Kate thrashed her head from side to side, hitting the wall, not able to verbalize the reactions her body was experiencing. As if he knew, Slade cut through any conversation with pure action. Her dress hit her hips, and he jacked her up higher against the wall, hooking her leg high on his hip so she was spread open. His hands quickly reached around to unzip her dress until the front fell forward, exposing her black lace bra. His warm palm cupped the weight, rolling the nipple around and around, then gently pinching it between his thumb and forefinger as he watched her face.

“Oh, God!” The twist of pleasure/pain shot straight to her pussy. Her skin tightened and her breasts swelled, demanding more of him, everything he could give in every capacity he could give it to her. Slade lowered his mouth and licked her nipple through the rough lace, pulling the fabric taut so the hard tip rubbed and poked against the barrier. He never let up the frantic pace, as if driven by the same crazed lust she experienced. His fingers trailed along her inner thigh in a sensual threat that covered her skin in goose bumps.

“No more lies.” The front clasp of her bra clicked open and her breasts sprang free. Cool air rushed over her prickling skin, and Kate let out a cry of relief, arching against him for more of his delicious tongue and teeth. “Tell me you want me. Now.”

He sucked on her nipple, and his fingers danced over the thin fabric of black panties. She dripped with need, her clit so swollen Kate thought the slightest rub would set her off to orgasm. What was she doing? Dear God, he was a client, and all wrong for her. She fought off her body’s reaction with a fierceness of sheer survival, knowing if he dipped her under the seething surface of sex she’d never come up for air again. Hell, she’d never want to.

“We can’t do this,” she moaned, at the same time another shudder racked through her. His index finger traced the swollen mound, playing with the edge of elastic that held all her secrets. “It will complicate everything. Let’s talk about this like rational businesspeople.”

His soft laugh hit her ears the exact time his hot breath streamed over her aching, swollen nipple. “I’m not doing my job if you’re still talking business.” He lifted his head and gazed directly into her eyes.

She sank into emerald depths so hot they turned to molten gold, full of power and masculine demand that battled past all barriers and smashed them to pieces. The raw need carved in his features told Kate she was past the point of return, that this man was meant to claim her, all of her. She sucked in her breath, poised on the pinnacle of a massive change that terrified her to the core.

“From the moment we met, I’ve been imagining your face when you come, my fingers inside you, my tongue in your mouth, my dick buried so tight in your heat we don’t know where one of us ends and the other begins. I’m tired of being denied you. Now, come for me, Kate, show me what you’ve been hiding from me all these weeks.”

She stared with helpless fascination, entranced by his voice and his words, and then his mouth crashed over hers and his fingers hooked under her panties and plunged. He swallowed her cries, refusing to let her fight her response, using his body as a weapon to get her to give him everything he commanded. His thumb rubbed her swollen clit the same time his fingers thrust inside her clenching channel. His tongue battled hers, won, and claimed his bounty while his hips rocked back and forth, the dueling rhythm of his body and his dick and his fingers pushing her fast toward the edge until—

Kate screamed as the orgasm took hold, pleasure shattering in waves and breaking her into tiny pieces. He whispered her name in triumph, helping her ride out the orgasm to the maximum effect, gentling his touch but coaxing every last shudder as she slumped against the wall in complete surrender.

He nibbled on her swollen lips, pressing kisses across the line of her jaw and her neck. His arms held her tight and she felt wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and security, as if her body sensed he’d keep her safe, hold her, take care of her in a way no other man before him could ever attain. Kate let the odd thought flow past her, too far gone to even worry about the eventual fall out when her brain clicked back on.

“Magnificent,” he murmured in her ear. “I could watch you orgasm for hours, challenging myself to bring you to climax in a thousand different ways.” His erection pressed against the damp barrier of her panties. “I want to take you bed and fuck you so many times you forget every man before me. That’s how crazy you make me, Kate Seymour.”

“Yes.” She held on tight and gave him what he wanted. “Yes.”

He let out a vicious curse. His jaw clenched, and he seemed to lock down every muscle, as if fighting for control. “But not tonight.”

She blinked, trying to cut away the fog. “Why?”

He pressed his forehead to hers like she did so many times with Robert. The intimacy and tenderness of the gesture startled her. “Because I want more. And you’re not ready for that tonight. I needed to show you what we can be together in bed, but you have to come to me, Kate. I have to know you want it just as bad as I do. And I don’t want you calling foul play in the morning when you can hide behind alcohol, or exhaustion, or my dominance.”

She managed to find her voice, but the words came out a bit slurred. “I make no excuses for my choices, counselor. Get over yourself.”

He chuckled and took her mouth in a quick, bruising kiss. “I like the way you make counselor sound like a dirty word. I may make you beg with my title rather than my name. Would be an interesting battle.”

The idea of the sensual challenge racked a delicate shudder, but she managed to sneer “Like that will ever happen.”

“Oh, it will.”

“Are you offering one night together? A relationship? What do you think this can be?”

He cupped her chin. “They’re just silly terms to try to make sense out of human emotions that are uncontrollable. Affair, relationship, one-night stand. Pick a tag that makes you happy. But soon, Kate. I don’t think I can wait much longer.”

He didn’t give her a chance to respond. Just eased her gently back to her feet, and walked out of the living room without a glance back.