Who doesn’t remember reading their first V.C. Andrews book, by flashlight, under the covers, feeling like you were stealing some secret knowledge from the universe? For decades the gothic, mysterious, and forbidden worlds of V.C. Andrews have entertained us.

So, in honor of that feeling (and the new Flowers in the Attic TV movie coming from Lifetime!) the Free Read kicking off this week (but available for 30 days) is Forbidden Sister, the first in the Forbidden series, which includes Forbidden Sister, “The Forbidden Heart” (eShort), and Roxy’s Story.

Below, a word from the writer about the series, and then, below that leave a Comment and let us know what’s your “forbidden” reading pleasure. And then, of course, check out this fantastic series by a master of the craft.


Her older sister was forbidden and fascinating.

At Sixteen, Emmie Wilcox challenges her father’s strict orders to forget her older sister Roxy, whose defiance and disobedience mounted to such heights nearly ten years ago, he couldn’t tolerate her in his home or family. Emmie’s French mother was heartbroken, but was unable to prevent the disowning of her older daughter. Roxy’s name is never voiced in anything above a whisper even now, nearly ten years later.

What happened to her? How bad was she? Is she still alive, still in New York? She can see in the way her mother stares at young women that she hopes to catch sight of her in the streets or in stores.

And then, in this first of a two-book series, Forbidden Sister, Emmie learns that her sister not only survived life in the New York City streets, but somehow became a sophisticated, high-priced New York escort living in an elegant Upper East Side boutique hotel. She sets out to spy on her and sees she is beautiful, elegant and sophisticated. She’s like an American Geisha, but how can she like this life? Didn’t she ever fall in love? Is she happy? How are they alike?

Emmie is afraid to come forward, afraid her father will find out she’s interested in her sister. She’s been the perfect daughter, but is this wildness just waiting to rear its self-destructive head in her as well? She does want to be as beautiful, carry herself as confidently, and navigate the world of sex and obviously wealthy people, too. Most important, has Roxy completely forgotten about her? Would she resent her now? Can they ever be sisters again?

How tragic family events brings them back together as sisters and how Emmie navigates this dangerous world in which her sister plays, is the heart of Forbidden Sister.

But the details and events that enabled Roxy to survive and become the elegant American Geisha carry the reader forward and into the second book of the Forbidden Series, Roxy’s Story, a narrative that will introduce the reader into a secret and powerful underworld of the rich and famous and brings us not only to the forbidden sister, but to forbidden love in ways you can’t even imagine.