Author Kresley Cole sat down to talk about her Immortals After Dark audiobook series with us. But she also gave rave reviews of her narrator, Robert Petkoff. Give it a listen in a sneak peek of the audiobook of Macrieve.

KC: I couldn’t be more delighted with the audio adaptations of the Immortals After Dark Series. Our resident IAD narrator, Robert Petkoff, has a mindblowing versatility and range, tackling immortal accents–and attitude–and rendering them perfectly. He’s done such a phenomenal job of bringing the characters to life, allowing readers and listeners to experience their favorite stories all over–or to discover new ones. I can’t imagine anyone else performing these books.

And listeners agree! Feedback has been amazing. Over the nine IAD books Mr. Petkoff has recorded so far (more are on the way), he’s garnered thousands and thousands of five-star reviews for his performances. So if you haven’t yet taken the audio plunge, why not try one out today? Odds are–like me and so many others–you will become a huge Robert Petkoff fan.


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