XOXO is excited to welcome New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones to our blog! Her INSIDE OUT series is now being made into a cable show and was just optioned by STARZ! Despite not having even a free second to breathe, Lisa was gracious enough to carve out some time to tell us more about the process of creating her very own cable show.


Hi everyone!

It’s been a crazy month. I had the release of REVEALING US in September, traveled to LA and to New York, and now I’m home for a few weeks before I head to San Francisco to get married. Some of you know that the INSIDE OUT series is in development for a TV show, having been optioned by STARZ, and it’s being produced by the amazing Suzanne Todd. Suzanne is behind Alice in Wonderland (Yes! The Johnny Depp one!), Austin Powers, Must Love Dogs, and so much more.

While I was in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of meeting with many of the brilliant minds involved in the process. It was pretty surreal to sit there and talk to these talented folks and have them know my characters the way I know them. Truly amazing.

It’s been fun learning the process of a cable TV show in development. There is no pilot. There is simply the process of someone writing the first 8-10 episodes. If those scripts are approved, then a staff of writers to carry on the show will be hired, and casting begins for the first season. Also, unlike movies, as we’ve seen with 50 Shades, casting isn’t something that is talked about for a year and then finally happens. In general, when a cable station orders a show to production, things move fast. So once you hear the news, it will get exciting at lightning speed. I hope to be able to share that news VERY soon!

That said, I am beyond thrilled that the producers of the show, Team Todd, are excited to engage fans in the process. They watch my Twitter and Facebook and enjoy seeing the fan suggestions for casting. They even watch fan-made videos! When I was in Los Angeles, they shared their excitement about involving readers and fun ideas like VIP casting chats for readers.

They’ve set up an email newsletter list to better connect with the fans. To take part, just email REBECCA@TEAM-TODD.com and say I WANT TO BE AN INSIDER. And yes, feel free to include your casting ideas or pop over to my Facebook page and post your favorites!

I hope to see you there!