Oh yes we did title this post with an SAT style analogy puzzle.


Perhaps to show that as adults we have conquered all of those mean testing gimmicks and as readers will never again agree to dance around words like trained monkeys. (With the exceptions of Scrabble [Words with Friends] and Boggle [Scramble with Friends], of course.) We are reappropriating the equation to show our power!


Or, perhaps it’s because we just got done reading the opening to Beautiful Player and are a little loopy from how Will and Hanna make us feel.

(Player comes out 10/29, people, and that equation is something like:  Patience : Us Reading This Whole Book :: Style : The 80s – i.e. in short supply.)

To reveal the first few chapters of Player yourself, click here.

But wait—more things on the internets for the impatient!

If you can’t wait to hear more from Christina Lauren until 10/29 and Beautiful Player‘s release, you can catch the writing duo (Christina + Lauren) + Alice Clayton (Wallbanger anyone!?!) + The Fantabulous Nina on episode #1 of their brand new podcast, Blushes.


What will they talk about?  Books! And not the kind of books that you were assigned in school, where they also dreamed up those analogies. (Thought, undoubtedly they’ll hit on some old favorites, we’re sure.) They will talk about books they love, pop culture stuff, and anything that anyone anywhere in the world should care about.

Blushes casts off Tuesday, 10/22 – and you’ll be able to find it on the Apple iTunes store, free o’ charge.

So this is us telling you to get lost – leave XOXO After Dark and visit that (wonderfully lengthy) excerpt of Beautiful Player, find that Blushes podcast, get out of here and go check out these wonderful new online happenings.

But then come back. Because we promise to keep you informed on all the good things. All the good things.