Like Zach in Skinny Bitch in Love, I very much consider myself a carnivore. I brag that I eat anything and everything, except somehow turned my nose up at food that could be termed as “vegan.” Well, man, was I wrong.

After trying some treats that Kim Barnouin sent over to the office, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Milk, cheese, and butter are main staples of my diet. Who would have known that I could like something that was the complete opposite of everything I was used to?

Vegans–please stop judging me for how close-minded I was. And to all of you other self-proclaimed carnivores out there, stop hissing traitor at me. I’m not saying that I’m suddenly going vegan, but there might be some room in my diet to be a part-time Skinny Bitch. First step, baked goods.

Skinny Bitch Bakery Chocolate Gateau
Photo Credit: Jon Edwards

Doesn’t this cake look amazing? We’ve temporarily stopped salivating and teamed up with our friends at HarperOne to bring you the Skinny Bitch Sweepstakes!  Two prize packs will be awarded which include a copy of Skinny Bitch Bakery, New York Times bestseller Kim Barnouin’s latest cookbook filled with 80 mouthwatering recipes to satisfy your everlasting baked goods cravings, plus, a copy of Skinny Bitch in Love, a clever, kick-ass novel about friendship, romance, and making healthy choices both in and out of the kitchen.

Skinny Bitch Bakery               Skinny Bitch in Love

What vegan baked good recipe would you want to try? (P.S. Pretty much anything can be made vegan!)  Answer in a comment below by 5PM today for your chance to win! Click here for complete contest rules.

By the way, if you can’t wait until 5PM, download two yummy recipes from the book now!