Many people think Beauty and the Beast is about sacrifice, but to me, it’s more about compromise between two opposites, both in looks, and in temperament.

When you think about it, most romances are about opposites … Romeo and Juliet were from opposing houses, Scarlett and Rhett were from opposing sides of a war, and in HOW TO ENTICE AN ENCHANTRESS, Dahlia Balfour and Lord Kirk are from the opposite sides of sentimentality.

Young, romantic, beautiful Dahlia loves/adores/CRAVES the Big Romantic Moment complete with swoon-worthy sentiment, and at least one sweeping romantic gesture, preferably performed on a white horse in a strong breeze, while dark, scarred, and abruptly pragmatic Lord Kirk just wants Dahlia in his bed and at his breakfast table, smiling at him over buttered toast. The man hasn’t a romantic bone in his body, while Dahlia doesn’t have anything but. They have a long, long way to go before they meet in the middle — if they can.

HOW TO ENTICE AN ENCHANTRESS is my version of Beauty and the Beast, and in this one, Beauty must learn the value of a man who is honest, steadfast, and willing to always be there, in good times and bad, while our Beast must learn that one cannot growl down fate and win the girl of his dreams. It takes patience, effort, and yes, a little romance. Both Dahlia and Kirk must learn to compromise to make their own fairytale come true.

Are the men in your life romantics? Or less than romantic? Over time, have you taught them the value of a soft phrase and a romantic gesture? Or have you come to admire their other qualities, as well?

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