A BRUTAL TENDERNESS, the latest new adult novel from New York Times bestselling author MARATA EROS, hits e-Readers today! This dark and sexy novel (a companion novel to A TERRIBLE LOVE) is told from the perspective of alpha hero Blaine “Cas” Steel, so to celebrate the launch of this new novel, Cas was kind enough to sit down with Marata for his first-ever tell-all interview. Take a look at the transcript below, and snag a copy of  A BRUTAL TENDERNESS today!



Marata Eros: Hello Agent Steel, it’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance in the flesh.


Cas: he looks at me, all black clothes head to toe, a sleeve tattoo in full relief ending at a muscular wrist. It’s good to meet you as well, you’ve been such a big part of my life.


ME: smiles. Your secret’s out, we know you’re an FBI agent but many readers want to know what you do for fun- on your free time.


Cas: laughs When I’m not hanging out with Jewell, I find tension release through riding my Harley or taking on the guys. Plus I’m pretty good with my hands and can change out an engine without too much trouble.


ME: That doesn’t sound very fun. Pretty good with your hands?


Cas: Nods with a smile. Yeah.


ME: pauses. What does ‘taking on the guys’ entail?


Cas: We fight. We fight until one of us isn’t standing. No one has to get hurt, but someone needs to give up.


ME: Do you give up?


Cas: direct eye contact, contemplative. Never.


ME: shifts in seat. What first impression do you think you give?


Cas: I hope that people know I’ll get the job done, whatever it is.


ME: nods. What’s your biggest regret?


Cas: eyes flash on my face than away. I don’t spend a lot of time on regrets, but if I had a do-over it’d be Faith. And… I think I’d kick Brock’s ass a little harder for hurting Jewell. Expression darkens.


ME: What are your thoughts on marriage?


Cas: Not to divorce. Slowly grins.


ME: Right. Snorts.  Do you believe in God?


Cas: eyes narrow with concentration. I believe we’re here for a reason.


ME: What are you most afraid of?


Cas: Leans back in his seat, hands laced behind his head. I’m afraid of being afraid. If I feel fear that means I’ve gotta do it.


ME: Do what?


Cas: shrugs. Whatever. If it makes me fearful, that means I do it. Period.


ME: Do you have a bucket list?


Cas: nods slowly. I want to nail the most dirtbags for the Bureau that I can. Be on the wall.


ME: brow furrows.  A “wall” at the FBI?


Cas: Hall of fame. I want to be the one that’s taken down the highest number of serials. Leans forward; so close I can see the shadow of a beard on his square jaw. And that’s not all. I want to start a family with Jewell—at least ten kids—and maybe someday… be the only one in the audience while she dances. Just for me.


ME: swallows. Ten kids? Laughs.


Cas: chuckles. Maybe a few less. Winks.


ME: crosses legs. Now for the tough question: what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone?


Cas: a heartbeat of silence. Not being at the right place at the right time.


ME: Faith?


Cas: his face swings to mine, intense. Yeah.


ME: You were there for Jewell.


Cas: he nods. Barely.


ME: And my final question, Cas.


Cas: raises brows.


ME: Are you lying to yourself about anything?


Cas: grins. Not anymore.


He stands and shakes my hand. Then pulls me into a hug, the top of my head reaches his lips.


Cas: Thank you, Marata.


ME: I pull away, and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, he feels so real under my hands: warm, vital, strong.  For what?


Cas: My life.


He moves back into the book inside my head.

I miss him already.