Here at XOXOAD, we love a good beach read…and what better to send off the last few hazy days of summer than this list from Flavorwire, “The 40 Trashy Novels You Must Read Before You Die“?

Being a fan of all things trashy, especially fiction, I was sure there’d be hardly anything here I hadn’t read…but much to my surprise, I’d barely scratched the surface! Some of these are a little before my time (Peyton Place), others are certainly classics, but not the one I picked (My Sweet Audrina vs. Flowers in the Attic), but overall, I’ve clearly fallen down on the job! In the end, I’d actually read (not seen the movie–Thorn Birds, I’m looking at you) only five of them!

How many have you read? Any trashy novels you think Flavorwire missed?