One of our esteemed editors is traveling to Australia on Wednesday (I know, I know, cue the collective sigh of jealousy)! And in honor of her upcoming trip, the dwindling days of summer and thus the opportunities for vacation, we want to hear all about your must-haves when you travel!

Since I like to consider myself translucently pale, Neutrogena’s sunscreen spray is a definite must-have for me. I also need a comfy towel to lounge on and ear buds connected to good music for the when the fam gets a bit overwhelming (and let’s be honest, that usually happens around day 2). And of course, good books to read while I’m working hard at relaxing are a necessity.

A few favorites are The Thorn Birds, Nora Robert’s Bride quartet and anything written by, relating to or mentioning Tina Fey (love her!).

But since those are all previous reads, we’re in need of some new suggestions. What’re your favorite go-to book for vacay? Comment below and swap suggestions with our readers to try something new for your next day of fun in the sun!