Making the XOXO Team only slightly massively jealous, Christina and Lauren (aka Christina Lauren) had the opportunity to travel with their husbands to Paris this past May to promote the launch of Hugo & Roman’s French edition of Beautiful Bastard. You may recall, Bennett spent some time there before he met Chloe, but he didn’t take pictures to share with us or get to see posters of himself in that magic city….

How was Paris? From the moment we landed until the moment we left for the airport, we were wrapped up in a flurry of enthusiastic book promotion, amazing food, wine, and new friends. We were really touched to meet the French readers who enjoyed Bennett and Chloe’s romance even across the language divide–it was an unforgettable trip, with some of the most wonderful hosts we could have asked for (the folks at Hugo & Roman are very missed!). We did interviews with blogs, newspapers, television, radio, celebrated Lauren’s husband’s birthday at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and walked miles every day. To top it all off, on our last day, we were treated with the full launch of the book promotion, and saw BEAUTIFUL BASTARD posters on almost every city block. It was truly something beyond what we could have ever imagined for our characters, and as a way of saying thank you to all the fans who’ve helped us along on this crazy, fun journey, we wanted to share some pictures of our trip . . . Thanks for helping us have such a wonderful time in Paris!



Let’s all go to the Louvre!

No, the Arc!

No, the bookstore!







Okay–you win, bakery!








And then off to met

our wonderful hosts at Hugo & Roman.








…who did THIS for us.







…and who got us looking all

Big Sister-y on Le Grand Journal

while people talked about Chloe and Bennett.

(We had NO idea what they were saying.)


Then it was off for some sightseeing–Paris is amazing!

We can only imagine Bennett walking its streets, not yet aware that Chloe’s out there, about to snatch him up…












Then THIS happened in the catacombs….







But then this happened on the street,

which we’ll go on record as calling less scary

than skulls — SKULLS — forming a hallway!





And because of you, our amazing readers,

we were able to do this together,

because you were kind enough to share Bennett

and Chloe’s romance with one another.







Now back to work,

writing the next Beautiful book for you!







(And if you want to see the editors’ favorite thing about the whole French connection, check out the great Mad Men-esque animation the French made for Beautiful Bastard, here: