Today’s Memorial Day, so it seemed like the perfect time for a roundup of some of the biggest names in military romance! The man in uniform has long been a regular entry on the list of most popular romance heroes, and it’s no surprise why–these heroes are strong, brave, dedicated, and often in need of some TLC.

It seems that the most popular military hero is the Navy SEAL–most of us know it as one of the most difficult military programs to get into, but who knew it was turning out such perfect boyfriend material? (Although really, if the real SEALs were as numerous as their romance-hero counterparts, I think we’d be living under the smoochiest police state in the world.)

When you think “military romance,” it’s hard not to leap immediately to the work of Suzanne Brockmann. She’s made a career of telling stirring stories of soldiers determined to defend their country–and the special women in their lives. To get started with Brockmann’s novels, why not try the first of her “Troubleshooters” series, The Unsung Hero?

Cindy Gerard is another author who’s been working with sexy military men (sure, they’re fictional, but you can’t have everything!) for many years, both in her category romances and her single-title novels. Her Black Ops series features hardened soldiers who take on the worst villains and the most dangerous missions–get started with the first Black Ops novel, Show No Mercy.

Lora Leigh’s Wild Card features (you guessed it) a Navy SEAL hero, and it also introduces the greatest fear of a military spouse–that one day your partner might not come home. Of course, this is still a romance, so never fear–there’s a happy ending. And because it’s Lora Leigh, known for her very hot books, there’s no skimping on the sex here. Stand at attention, indeed!

Scorched, by Laura Griffin, is the sixth book in her Tracers series. The Tracers are a private CSI-type forensics lab, in which the best of the best in all sorts of fields work on cases the local cops can’t crack. Kelsey is a forensic anthropologist with the Tracers, and first meets Gage, a Navy SEAL, in a novella, “Unstoppable.” At the time, they can’t reconcile his job with her fears for his safety, and they part…but now they’re brought back together on a case, and finally deal with their still-passionate connection. You wouldn’t think work-life balance would be a compelling basis for a romance, but it adds real tension here. (As does, you know, a mad bomber.)

Finally, I wanted to mention a military romance with genuine boots-on-the-ground cred: Because of You by Jessica Scott. Scott is a career soldier with sixteen years in the U.S. Army, and perhaps because of that, she’s not writing about Navy SEALs! Her heroes are usually dealing with the aftermath of their service, and guess what? Sometimes her heroines are, too. Her books reflect the reality of life in the military, which means there’s less focus on exciting mission-accomplished derring-do, and more about the genuine struggles and victories our servicemen and servicewomen face.

As you’re celebrating today, raise a glass to all the heroes and heroines in your life–and maybe enjoy one of these sexy military series!