New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp has been writing Regency-set historical romances for years, but just last summer she had the chance to visit England and actually see some of the places that she’s featured in her books!  As you would expect, she took plenty of photos, and she’s sharing some with us here. If you’re a Regency fan, don’t miss Candy’s books—her newest, The Marrying Season, is in stores now! It’s the third book in the “St. Dwynwen” series that begins with A Winter Scandal and continues in A Summer Seduction. (Do I detect a theme?) Candy found a country church that was the perfect inspiration for the series, and lots more besides.

 St. Dwynwyn

Candy says, “At the heart of the Legends of St. Dwynwen series is the simple village church of St. Margaret’s. I saw a number of churches in English villages that were similar to the picture I had in my head of ‘my’ church, but when I saw this sturdy, plain, square-towered church in a Cotswold village, I knew I had found ‘St. Margaret’s.’”

Look at this gorgeous little church, featuring a “lych gate.”


Lych gateShe tells us that this is where, during funerals, pallbearers would set down the coffin. The little roof is to provide shelter in inclement weather. Although in this shot, it looks ready for a village fair!




And here is my favorite picture from her gallery, mostly because of the history Candy imparts: 

Wool church

“The interior of this ‘wool’ church was absolutely breathtaking.  I love that pulpit.  It is called a ‘wool’ church because it was built with the money from the wealthy parishioners who made their fortunes in sheep.  The church is richly decorated on the inside, yet the parish is quite small, and I am sure that the upkeep of a big old church like this is a real burden to these small parishes.”

Have you ever heard of a wool church? I hadn’t. Makes me think about some of the historic buildings here in New York City. I work in Rockefeller Center…does that make this an “oil office”?

You can see these pictures, and many others, on Candy’s website, where you can also get news of contests, upcoming books, and so on. Check them out!