Nowadays, when an author asks to see their cover, we download a high-res jpg from our internal 1 artdatabase and email it right over. But in the not-too-distant past, covers were hand-painted with oil paints on canvasses–and after the book was published, we had an oversized piece of original art left to decorate the office. When I first started working at Pocket, these gorgeous painted covers were just hanging around, leaning against the wall next to the printer. I laughed over the old-fashioned cheesiness at first, but over the past year I’ve gotten very attached to my two paintings! This one is hung up on the wall next to my cubicle, so I can gaze at it whenever I need a mental vacation:

Look at that sweeping dress! And her wind blowing in the air, and the mysteriously unfinished nautical background! It took a bit of investigating to figure out which title this cover belongs to. The answer is…

2 art

The original 1991 cover of THE GIFT, by Julie Garwood! I find it fascinating to see how the painting was modified into this cover–the skirt of her dress, gradually fading from pink to yellow, is my favorite part, and it’s completely cut off on the cover. I bet you Julie Garwood fans never knew what you were missing!

Here’s the other cover, lovingly propped up by my “To Be Filed” pile. I still don’t know what book this cover belongs to. If you know the answer, shout it out!

3 art

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

And just for fun, here’s some holiday decorations, publishing-style, courtesy of our neighboring imprint, Atria Books:

4 art