So many of my favorite books are being adapted (or readapted) into films this year—The Hunger Games was great and the Catching Fire trailer are out, The Great Gatsby film is in theaters now, an Ender’s Game adaptation is coming soon, and even one of my favorite authors, Edgar Allen Poe, has shown up on the big screen (played by John Cusack) in The Raven. I’m always torn when it comes to cinematic interpretations of beloved novels. Some I avoid at all costs so as not to spoil a wonderful book (like Tuck Everlasting—perhaps the film version was fine, but I can’t bear to have anything other than Natalie Babbitt’s prose shape the way I imagine those characters, that lake, and the enchanted spring), and others I eagerly await, midnight screening tickets in hand (*cough* Hunger Games).

There are also times when I’m reading a book that feels particularly cinematic in pacing or imagery, and I can’t wait until a screenwriter gets his or her hands on a copy. There are so many Pocket Books that seem perfectly suited for a leap to film—who wouldn’t want to see Lothaire, the Lore’s most ruthless vampire, fill up the big screen? Or watch Gin Blanco kick butt in an Elemental Assassins movie? … or would you rather keep your own image of these characters untarnished by an actor’s or director’s interpretation?

So tell me, XOXO After Dark members… are there any books you’d love to see on the big screen? Or does reading always trump the movies, no matter what?